Bentwood Chairs

The Original Bentwood Furniture

TON is home to the oldest and original Michael Thonet factory, located in Bystrice pod Hostýnem, Czech Republic. In continuous production since 1861, it’s where the famous Chair 18, Chair 14, Chair 30 and Chair 811 (Hoffmann chair) all have their origins, making Bystrice pod Hostýnem the development and innovation centre of the whole Thonet company.

TON is the original and unquestionably the most authentic bentwood furniture brand on the market. TON gained fame on a global scale thanks to the company’s spirit of enterprise, the vast beech forests surrounding it, and the immense skills of the local workers.

Now, highly regarded as icons in the design industry, Thonet bentwood chairs continue to hold their popularity among the masses. This is due to the simple and elegant, yet sturdy design which continually stands the test of time in any setting.

JRF is TONs longest standing client globally. Our partnership began with a handshake deal in 1956.

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