Inspired People. Inspired Solutions.

Anchored by heritage and propelled by a dynamic vision for the future, we are committed to forging brand and industry partnerships through integrity, collaboration and discourse.

James Richardson Furniture is a boutique commercial furniture solutions provider.

Our passionate team delivers genuine design-led solutions with a sector-based focus, and our close partnerships with industry leaders means we naturally understand their needs, challenges and opportunities. This allows us to establish a platform of brands, products and innovation that has an impact with decidedly stylish sensibility. Our people are our most valuable asset and the key to our success.


A message from Georgia Danos, Creative & Brand Director


Taking the helm of the family company is a unique and exciting prospect. Family lies at the heart of JRF – everyone who works with us becomes an indelible part of our JRF family.

We work together as custodians of this special brand – a brand that started with a handshake and remains committed to the spirit of partnership.

Our foundation of quality, relentless curiosity and the value of partnerships drives us as we consolidate our shift from furniture sales to a solutions provider. With a sector-based focus on delivering thought leadership and dialogue with strategic partners and collaborators, we aspire to deepen our indispensability to the industry and remain trusted leaders.

We set ourselves the challenge to remain genuine and immersed in what makes our clients and partners tick, and we pledge to consider their needs every step of the way.

As we continue to develop and refine our service capability, we keep people, partnerships and that JRF integrity and authenticity firmly top of mind.