Working From Home

Working From Home w/ Jason Parry

Given the current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important now more than ever to stay connected, inspired and engaged as a design community during this period of isolation. Let us introduce you to some of the JRF team and how they are adapting to #workingfromhome and continuing business as (un)usual.


Name: Jason Parry
Job title: A&D Engagement Manager
Location: Sydney, New South Wales



How are you adapting to the WFH lifestyle?

The Sydney crew had a head start from January with commencement of the showroom renovations, so we were already in the groove.


Talk us through your WFH set up?

There are the technology essentials – laptop with raised stand, extended screen and phone. We are fortunate to have study area with a window looking south over a cycleway, the rail corridor  and towards Kingsford Smith airport (although there are only about 5 planes coming or going nowadays).


How do you stay motivated throughout the day?

Routine is key. My alarm has not changed, although the cat is usually seeking attention prior most days. Shower and dressed for work as usual gets me prepared for the day and gives my mind the best chance be effective.

We have also been liberally dispensing Black Blaze natural room scent ‘Bush Walk’, a blend of pine, citrus, green grass and Eucalyptus – fresh!


What keeps you inspired during isolation?

Cooking. It is my meditation, and escape, a way to learn techniques and be creative.


Have you tried anything new that you normally wouldn’t have had the time to do?

I have been wanting to paint t-shirts, using lyrics from music artists to design one-off graphics that resonate with me. Also, as a family, we all contributed by using / learning skills to create a Queen album cover which was unveiled at a video stream party with friends as part our scheduled monthly get together – so much fun!.


What are you doing to stay active?

Mostly walking. A few kilometres a day is the goal although when time permits, I can easily wander for hours. I think of myself as a phone-tograher, snapping glimpses of our area, the buildings, people and abandoned chairs (@sad_chairs_au)


What is the thing you miss most about ‘normal’ life? 

People. Even when I want to be by myself, I need to be around people.


Favourite furniture piece from your home?

My favourite – but absolutely the least practical – is our Serie 2000 UP-7 Piede designed in 1969 by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia. Designed to be a sofa of sorts, I guess it is the anti-armchair.


What are you reading at the moment?

Recipes. I love to find differences and similarities, they give clues as to how they can be augmented and personalised.


Signature isolation meal/recipe?

Toum. It’s all about simplicity, technique and patience; there is nowhere to hide. The smallest change can make the difference and I’ve learned that grapeseed oil is worth the extra money. Great with barbequed meat or vegetables.


Favourite artwork in your home?

We came relatively late to actually buying art, but that being stated, we’ve amassed a rather eclectic collection of just ‘stuff we like’, some of which from good friends Will Coles, Daimon Downey, Blak Douglas and Charlie White. Then there are some we couldn’t resist from emerging talents such as a stencil painting by 23rd Key to Stephen Ormandy’s  iconic totems.

My favourite? It would have to be Will Coles’ sculpture ‘Guns for Nationalists’, a gift for delivering another two to some keen collectors, as the first couple of attempts to post were intercepted and destroyed by customs. They were posted from Spain to Germany where I collected them for a return flight to Sydney, and after a short broken English / broken German chat with the Bundespolizei they sent me on my way. It is classic Will, a commentary on the senselessness of gun ownership and concealed carry – looking closely, you will notice something is amiss.


Which piece from the JRF collection do you wish you had at home with you?

Too many from which to choose!

Beatnik sound Station by Donar – for some serious metal meditation, funk focus or electronica existentialism

Apollo Workstation by Manerba – Juz (my wife) wouldn’t need to be camped on the dining room table

Barry Table by Miniforms – it’s just plain cool

Tribeca Lounge and Chair by Pedrali – our breezeway balcony  is in dire need of practical outdoor furniture.


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