Kokoro Sofa System


Modularity, freedom and welcome are the inspiring basics of Kokoro, the system of sofas, dividing partitions and tables designed by Federica Biasi. It is composed at will creating new spaces within wider environments, shifting from a coworking logic to a coliving dimension. The Kokoro system is designed as a solution for spaces that aesthetically do not want barriers. Its shapes are designed to create a sense of intimacy, welcoming people inside them, and at the same time offering design versatility thanks to the variety of composition. The structure of the Kokoro seats is in plywood on a metal base, seat and cushions are made of polyurethane foam of three different densities, covered in a wide range of fabrics. The backrest of the sofa, in two heights, has a sound-absorbing function: without looking like a real acoustic panel, in its highest version it transforms into a capsule-box, a soundproof alcove.

Technical Specifications

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