Ishizuka by Russell & George

Melbourne, VIC

Acclaimed chef Tomotaka Ishizuka brings a centuries old Japanese haute-style cuisine called Kaiseki to Melbourne.

Located in Bourke Street, Melbourne, Ishizuka was created by local award-winning firm, Russell & George. Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese dining experience where courses are curated, crafted and served over several hours. The 16-seat restaurant was designed to offer an immersive and surprising experience that complements the food.

‘The interior is bold, unusual, controversial, thought-provoking yet in complete balance – just like Kaiseki.’ says Ryan Russell and Bryon George (Founders of Russell & George).

A particularly unique, however less obvious feature of the design is the subtle raise in the flooring which allows the diner to sit on a chair rather than a bar stool creating greater comfort and a more relaxed dining experience. Russell & George were relentless in their search for the perfect chair and hand-picked our Merano Armchair from TON in a Natural Oak finish and black leather upholstery. Innovatively designed by Alex Gufler, the Merano Armchair consists of two axially intersecting molded plywoods which guarantee a very high level of comfort and style.

The oversized Japanese lantern greets diners and provides an elegant segmentation between the seating and waiting areas. Russell & George chose James Richardson Furniture’s Annette Armchairs in a navy upholstery for the waiting area.

Products: Armchair Merano , Annette L5 Armchair